Non Profit

We make sure your books look good so you can focus on doing good in the world!

Running a non profit organization is no easy feat, and it is often made more complicated by the strict reporting and compliance requirements you must adhere to. For many non profits, financial and human capital is often limited, making it difficult to have the robust accounting department needed to keep your books in good shape. Having strong financial recordkeeping and reporting practices is key, however, since funders require it. At Profit Line, we understand just how important your reporting and compliance responsibilities are, and with years of experience working with non profit organizations, we are uniquely equipped to ensure your accounting is done right. We take care of specialized financial reporting, expense tracking, and grant reporting for you.

Financial Reporting

Financial statements for non profit organizations must be tailored to the needs of management, donors and grant-makers, detailing sources and uses of funding, and demonstrating compliance with grant and donation agreements. Our team knows how to prepare your financial reports so they meet your compliance requirements.

Audit Support & Income Tax Filings

Our goal is to ensure that your books are kept in great shape throughout the fiscal year, so that audits, if required are smooth and worry free. During audits, we provide the support needed to make the process as painless and short as possible. Our team works with your tax accountants to make sure they have all of the information needed to complete your tax filings at year end.

Grant Reporting & Expense Tracking

When monies received from government agencies, businesses or other parties are intended for a specific purpose, you and your donors want to see that you are using the funds they contributed according to the agreed terms. In order to prepare accurate grant reporting it’s crucial to ensure that your Chart of Accounts is set up correctly, and that you have a handle on expense tracking. We work with you to make any needed revisions to your Chart of Accounts, and then we take care in coding your ongoing transactions so any needed reports can be generated, while also tracking the breakdown between program, administration, and development.

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