Creative Agencies

You build the brand, while we build your books!

Are you a small to medium-sized creative agency juggling to keep your clients happy and grow the company all at the same time? We understand creative agencies have a lot on their plate, including cash flow pain points like:

Do these sound familiar? If so, Profit Line is eager to work with you to get them resolved! Our team is professional, approachable, and ready to meet you wherever you are in your accounting journey. We have truly seen it all when it comes to bookkeeping practices, and we understand that your agency often has a reason for doing business in a certain way and we want to respect and honor that.

Get ready to breathe a sigh of relief: Picture more organized recordkeeping and sales processes that give you a better understanding of profitability by project and of your business performance as a whole. It’s possible — contact us today to find out how!

Customer Invoicing & Follow Up

Invoicing your customers can be complicated, with engagements of all sizes, durations, and billing arrangements. We’ve got you covered, and will make sure your customers are invoiced accurately and on time, every time. Billable expenses? No problem. In fact, we’ll make sure any billable expenses are captured and invoiced to your customers. But, invoicing is often not enough – you’ve gotta get paid! We stay on top of your outstanding invoices, following up with customers to ensure timely payment.

Managing Paid Media Campaigns

If you’re managing paid media campaigns for your customers, you can be sure that spend data is being tracked by campaign, by project and/or by customer, depending on your needs.

Tracking & Measuring Profitability

It’s great having multiple projects going on, managing a busy team, and ensuring you’re delivering on that SOW. While you’re doing that, we’ll make sure that all expenses related to that SOW are tracked to it, so you can assess the profitability of each of your engagements, in real time.

Improving Workflows

There’s more than one way to peel an orange, as they say, and we know you’ve got workflows in place that work for your now. We’ll work with you to see where improvements can be made to your current workflows and we’ll recommend best practices to you, then guide you through to implementation, keeping things running smoothly.

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