Here’s what our clients have to say about The Profit Line

Two years ago, I realized that there were some glaring errors in my accounting records and was fortunate to find The Profit Line. They quickly brought my books up-to-date.



Thanks to [The Profit Line team], I sleep a whole lot better at night. I’m still patting myself on the back for finding them.


Higher Education Strategy Associates

By outsourcing our bookkeeping and accounting, we have saved an enormous amount of money and the headache of having to manage this process in-house.


President, Investintech.com

[The Profit Line team] have been an invaluable asset to my business. I met them at a particularly stressful time, when I needed to find a bookkeeping partner I could trust – and I did. But beyond delivering excellent and affordable bookkeeping, they have also helped me make important and difficult business decisions, providing great advice and counsel. If you are tired of dealing with overpriced, or unreliable bookkeepers, and if you want a truly professional partner to help you drive your business, I highly suggest you work with The Profit Line.


President, Jackson Leadership Systems Inc.

I have been working with The Profit Line for over a year now and have been very happy with their services.

The accounting and bookkeeping needs of a growing architectural firm can be onerous, but The Profit Line have done a wonderful job of keeping me on track.

The support I have received has allowed me to focus on running my business and taking care of my clients.


Principal Partner, Raw Design

I have been working with The Profit Line for more than 9 years. Prior to finding The Profit Line, I had been doing all of my own bookkeeping. Upon the strong recommendation of my accountant, I finally decided that I would be better off having someone else handle my company’s books and I’ve never looked back!

My firm has continued to grow substantially during these 9 years and I knew that I could always rely on The Profit Line to grow with me.


Principal, Daniel Johnson Architect Inc.

Three years ago, I spent three weeks in January getting my books and financial statements done for my small business of two and decided it was time for help. I’ve been with the Profit Line for two years and could not be happier with the level of service.

I hear small business owners and fellow entrepreneurs stress over accounting and bookkeeping on a regular basis. It’s not something you want to spend your time on as a business owner, but finding reliable, steady help is next to impossible. I was delighted when I found [The Profit Line]. They are a business which means that if my bookkeeper leaves, they find the replacement, not me. It also means that as my business continues to grow, they grow with me and I don’t have to worry about needing additional resources.

I love getting my financials back by the 15th of the following month. It allows me to spend time thinking about growth and cost savings, not receipts and expense allocations.


CEO, Ratehub.ca

I have been with [The Profit Line] for a couple of years now; I sought her out because I was tired of overspending with my long-time bookkeeping company (which was designed for larger businesses).

Almost immediately, I felt at home: [they] impressed me with [their] level of engagement, general knowledge, specific information about dental office needs ([they have] a great deal of experience with other dentist clients), and [their] sense of humour. She is comfortable working with small businesses, which is exactly what I required. [They] took the time to meet with me several times at the outset of our relationship, ensuring that all of my concerns were addressed, and helping to make the transition smooth.

Ultimately, [they] set me up with her employee, Leticia Cruz, who has become our personal bookkeeper. Leticia is super-efficient, leading to less billable hours – but just as importantly, greater peace of mind.

I give [The Profit Line] my highest rating.