In addition to our many outsourced bookkeeping services, we help small and medium businesses in New York manage their payroll accounting needs.Payroll processes can be very demanding and complex, from calculating employee gross and take home pay, to calculating overtime, and deductions for items like health insurance, and more.Our services can improve your performance and simplify your payroll process management, leaving you time to focus on high-value initiatives. The system and payroll tools we use can adapts to your firm size, industry, and unique business needs without losing any accuracy in the calculation or the data.Every aspect of payroll management will be efficiently taken care of including:
  • Employee benefits (holidays, leave)
  • Payroll deductions and contributions
  • Tax statements
  • Worker’s compensation forms
  • Salaries and paychecks
  • Everything else
 All payroll services are electronically processed, encrypted, and sent to you over a secured network. You’ll have unlimited access to all employee payroll data and on-going support from dedicated bookkeepers.  Call us now to discuss your needs and find out how we can help.