The invoice is a detailed document, issued by a seller of goods or services, to their buyer,  where the particulars of the transactions and related costs are clearly listed. A company must often generate an invoice to each of its customers as a necessary step in getting paid for the goods or services they provided. In addition, invoices must be generated in order for the organization to be reimbursed for any billable expenses that it has incurred, often including the associated receipts. Some customers require invoices to be formatted in customized ways in order to be paid. Other customers require that invoices be submitted via payment portals. Whilst non profit organizations rarely deal with customer invoicing, for-profit businesses must issue their invoices in an accurate and timely way in order to ensure their cash flow and the success of the business. Depending on the organization’s invoicing needs, invoices can be generated directly from the accounting software or using invoice or industry specific software, with the related data synced to the accounting software. At the Profit Line in NYC, we understand the critical importance of accurate and timely customer invoicing to an organization’s success.