Budgets and forecasts provide a prediction of your company’s future financial results. As a financial management tool they are designed to help guide your company to financial growth and revenue, however they typically include financial assumptions that may not prove, over time, to be accurate. As a result the company may fall short of, or exceed projected financial targets.Understanding why this happens is important to maximizing your company’s growth. This begins with Budget to Actual Reports. When prepared accurately, they can provide a detailed overview and comparison of revenues and expenditures.If you have trouble making sense of your company’s budget and finances, The Profit Line in NYC can help. We offer Budget to Actual Report preparation services. Our accountants can generate a real-time Budget to Actual Report that can give you a precise look at where your company stands financially. We only work with the latest accounting software tools available  which means your report is always calculated with current standards and business trends in mind.Once we prepare your report, we’ll review it with you to help you understand where and why those financial variances are occurring. We’ll sit down with you and discuss where adjustments can be made to your overall financial strategy. Our experienced accountants will work with you to make realistic financial decisions based on calculations, analyses, and facts, not imaginary numbers.