When running a business, it’s easy for financial transactions to accumulate unchecked. Over a single month, if not handled or recorded properly, the company’s accounts can quickly get out of balance and discrepancies grow over time.Preventing financial and cashflow issues from cropping up is not as easy as it sounds. Reconciling bank, credit card and other external account data can be tedious and time-consuming. Discrepancies in reconciliations can be due to any number of issues, such as outstanding checks, collection of service charges, or interest payments.Reconciling data on both your accounts and your financial statements requires knowledge, diligence and detailed record tracking. In some cases it requires significant investigation.We understand. That’s why, as a core part of our services to small and medium businesses, we include bank, credit card, payroll, and all other external account reconciliations.  Our outsourced accounting services use the latest financial tools to provide you with an advanced, yet cost effective solution to resolve any discrepancies between your books and your account statements, highlighting errors when they arise.We also keep real-time track of all outstanding checks and deposits in transit. We’ll electronically adjust your account balances, ensuring that all accounts are accurate and up to date. Don’t let accounting errors slow your business down when The Profit Line in NYC can help.